From the Deacons

Third Presbyterian Church


The Third Church Sanctuary is so wonderful that words cannot do it justice.  We would love to show you around!  Sign up for a date and time and one of our church members will guide you through the Sanctuary.  You will see a beautiful example of French gothic architecture with seasoned oak beams and sandstone block walls, stained glass windows from 4 glass studios including Tiffany and Willet,  several paintings, and lots, and lots, of pipes!

Click on the “Learn More” button below to schedule a date and time for this FREE event (the tour is about an hour-long).
IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO TOUR THE SAME DAY YOU ARE SCHEDULING – PLEASE CALL 412-661-4710 (Church Office) OR 412-605-7946 (Denni our Docent) TO CONFIRM.  If you are scheduling online over a weekend – please confirm by calling 412-605-7946. Thanks!


WE WELCOME YOU TO JOIN US FOR OUR CHRISTMAS EVE WORSHIP SERVICE 12/24 at 7 p.m. and Sunday 12/26 at 11 a.m.


You may bring up to 8 people.  

Covid precautions:  We ask that your group is a group that already has social contact, such as a family group.  No other groups will be combined with yours.  The guide will wear a mask, at all times, and we ask that you wear a mask as well.  The church will provide a mask if you do not have one with you.  You will be asked to sign in and sign out of the building for the purpose of contact

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