Tilling the Soil

A Mission Study Survey

May 2018

The process of calling a new senior pastor

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Congregation calls an interim pastor.Mission Study Team formed to gather perspectives and insights from the congregation and community.Mission Study Team prepares a report about our vision, mission, objectives, and leadership goals. The congregation discusses and approves.Pastor Nominating Committee formed to actively search for a senior pastor using the Mission Study Report as its primary guide.Senior pastor candidate found and approved by the congregation and Presbytery.

We need your help

The Bible repeatedly compares the community God calls forth to a well-tended garden. Cultivating the life of that fellowship requires preparing the medium for planting. When gardeners till the soil, they loosen the soil to allow room for new plants to take root and to better support established plants. They also get to know the soil and assess its nutrient value to know what needs to be added.

We need your help tilling the soil at Third Presbyterian Church to prepare for a new season of growth!

We’re counting on you to help us “loosen the soil” by reflecting on the questions in this survey and sharing your responses. We’re counting on you to help us get to know the soil, so that God can create an environment through us where new seedlings can be planted and existing plants will flourish. We believe that by considering these questions and through conversation with one another, God will turn over and refresh our soil to allow this Community of Faith to grow in a new season with new pastoral leadership.

Please prayerfully reflect on these questions to help the team understand our soil and prepare it for the future.

Please submit your answers by Sunday, June 10.


About the team

As per the Presbytery process, the Mission Study Team is charged with listening to the congregation and the community to discern:

  • Who we are and who we’re called to be
  • What God is calling us to do
  • What goals we need to accomplish in the next 5 years in our efforts to fulfill that purpose
  • What critical leadership we need to be fully equipped to achieve those goals and fulfill that purpose