Ladies Night

We will be meeting in Laurie's home.  We will be talking about ways to help refugees in the Pittsburgh area.  Laurie's friend Dana Gold, an ordained PCUSA minister, is the new COO of Jewish Family & Children Services and they are requesting help to obtain household items for incoming refugees arriving every week to Pittsburgh from Syria, Iraq, Congo, Columbia, Nepal and Burma. Laurie will feature foods from those regions, and will have more information about the resettling efforts, and will have information about ways in which we can help. You do not have to bring anything, we just want your lovely company!

The ladies at Third Church chose to focus on Cooking kits.  You can sign up for items that you would like to bring at Laurie's so that we can make sure we don't all bring the same thing.   We would really like to have a complete kit not just a dozen can openers.  Items will be collected at the church.  

Cooking Kits

~ Knife Set

~ Can Opener

~ Cutting Board

~ Ladle, Slotted Spoon, Spatula, Spoon

~ Mixing Bowls

~ Tupperware

~ Baking Sheet

~ Mugs

~ Glasses

~ Plates/Bowls

~ Silverware

~ Pots & Pans